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Electronic bidding is the only method to submit offers for HUD sales listings. Buyers submitting offers on these homes are required to use a real estate professional registered with HUD. As HUD-registered real estate professionals with RE/MAX Realty Group, I can submit bids and contracts to purchase HUD Homes on your behalf.

Jennifer Isaac services the HUD contract as licensed Broker Associate. Jennifer has specialized in HUD and foreclosure sales for over 16 years. Her experience, connections and dedication to customer satisfaction, provide a level of service you simply can't find anywhere else.

I Will Take You Through the HUD Home Buying Process

Generally, HUD Homes are sold in what is known as an "Offer Period," during which a potential buyer's offer must be made. At the end of the Offer Period, all offers are opened and the bid providing the highest acceptable net return to HUD may then be accepted.

Following the initial "Offer Period" homes remaining unsold are offered on an "extended" basis which means offers may be submitted any business day. If a bid on one of these homes is acceptable, the broker will usually be notified within 48 hours of HUD's acceptance of the offer.

Upon closing of a sale, HUD pays the real estate broker’s commission, if included in the contract.

Search the Free and Current HUD Home Database

Properties available for purchase by the public are searchable on our website - New York's FREE and most up-to-date website for HUD Home listings. New properties are posted every day, and purchase availability is updated daily. Properties in designated areas are available at a reduced sale price to law enforcement officers, teachers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, nonprofits and local governments. Contact me for details.

I have a team of licensed specialists throughout 24 counties in New York. Call today to speak with a professional in your area.

Visit our Resource Center for helpful links to attorneys, bankers and other HUD-experienced professionals to ensure a smooth, timely transaction.

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